Domaine Nowack S.A - Sans Annee

Domaine Nowack

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Vintage: Non-Vintage (Base 2019)

Origin: Champagne, France

Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier

Alcohol: 12%

The family-run winery Domaine Nowack is situated in Vandières, in the lovely Vallée de La Marne. Over the past ten years, the vineyard has undergone significant changes, particularly with the arrival of Flavien Nowack, who joined the winery in 2011 and has gradually taken over management. Since his family has lived in Vandières since 1795 and has been involved in the production of Champagne since the late 1900s, Flavien has a deep respect for the legacy left by his family. As a result, he has always preferred to make changes from the inside out rather than following fashion trends every year. Most of his wines are matured in barrels on their lees, enabling them to evolve with the seasons, and the grapes are pressed gently and for an extended amount of time (he created a specific technique with his uncle, an electrician). Each bottle is sealed with a cork during the secondary fermentation, which Flavien believes gives the wine a more pure flavour by enabling it to absorb some oxygen. If a dosage is required, grape must is used, which preserves freshness.

Sans Annee, or simply S.A, is Flavien’s non-vintage Champagne, consisting of 60% Meunier and 40% Chardonnay. The base wine (making up the majority of the Champagne) comes from the 2019 vintage, with reserve wines from between the 2012 and 2018 vintage being blended in. Disgorgement took place in February 2022. All of the grapes for Sans Annee are grown and vinified by the Nowack family. Extra Brut, with a beautiful mousse, and well-balanced acidity and intensity. Notes of lemon/lime, almond, pear, apple and brioche all come through in this phenomenal grower champagne.