Milan Nestarec Bum Bum Cha

Milan Nestarec

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Vintage: 2020

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic 

Grapes: Riesling, Blaufrankisch, Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol: 11%

A happy accident, the first vintage of Bum Bum Cha was born in 2019 after a barrel of Riesling was still a third empty after all the grapes were pressed. Without much thought, Milan Nestarec topped it up with some Blaufrankisch. The end result is a super juicy Pet Nat. For the 2020 vintage Sauvignon, Blanc and Zweigelt were also added to the mix. Reminiscent of lemonade with its bright acidity, Bum Bum Cha has notes of cherry, raspberry and cranberry. The perfect companion for the poolside, barbeque, or any time you’re craving something fun to drink.


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