Pilton Jester


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Vintage: 2020 

Origin: Somerset, England

Apples: Bittersweet Cider

Alcohol: 4.5%

The folks at Pilton caramelised Seville oranges in a big masonry oven during marmalade season. The oranges were roasted with juniper berries, fresh bay and rosemary branches over ash logs. The roasted fruit was then macerated for two weeks before being fermented with wild cider yeast and aged in Jamaican rum barrels. Finally, for natural sweetness, the cider was blended with Pilton's famous keeved cider. The nose is dominated by charred spice and sticky marmalade, with the citrus flowing through to a crisp and refreshing acidity. The lengthy finish is balanced with natural tannins from the apples. Jester is certainly no joker.