Little Pomona Somerset Redstreak

Little Pomona

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Vintage: 2019

Origin: Herefordshire, England

Apples: Somerset Redstreak

Alcohol: 6.7% 

Little Pomona did not set out to create a single varietal cider after purchasing hand-picked Somerset Redstreaks from Broome Farm in Herefordshire, however, the apples exceeded everyone's expectations. The apples were all direct-pressed into a tank and let to ferment spontaneously. After that, the cider was aged in ex-Chardonnay barrels to imparting a vinous quality. Somerset Redstreaks are famed for their juicy citrus notes and green tannins, which this cider has managed to preserve. With soft tannins and a balanced sweetness, this cider is mouth-wateringly juicy. This bottle pairs great with fatty and spicy foods.