Milan Nestarec Danger 380 Volts

Milan Nestarec

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Vintage: 2021

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic 

Grapes: Muller Thurgau, Neuberger, Muscat

Alcohol: 12.8%

Danger 380 Volts, one of Milan Nestarec's beloved wines, is a salty-citrus-exotic sparkler that perfectly encapsulates the wonderful, unique energy of new wine. The 2021 vintage marks the 6th year of this lively sparkler. Milan has disgorged Danger 380 Volts in 2021 and utilised a new pressing method that has made the grape must more turbid. Going through a single fermentation and finishing in the bottle, Milan puts as much effort and care into this Cuvee as all of his other wines. Danger 380 Volts is a field blend of Neuburger (for personality), Muller Thurgau (for drinkability), and Muscat (for aromatic oomph). Year after year, all the grapes come from a single vineyard, a sandy plot called Sahary. Danger 380 Volts is exceptionally aromatic in 2021 since Muscat awoke from its previous sleep and gave Milan a plentiful and lovely crop.