Strohmeier Roter Frizzante No. 1

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Vintage: Non-Vintage

Origin: Styria, Austria

Grapes: Zweigelt

Alcohol: 12%

The grapes (100% Zweigelt) for Roter Frizzante are manually harvested and destemmed. Some of them are crushed and macerated on skins until fermentation starts, and some of them ferment as whole berries. A soft press and six months of spontaneous fermentation—including spontaneous malolactic fermentation—in a steel tank and wooden barrel come next. To the bottles, yeast and sugar are added for a second fermentation. Roter Frizzante is undisgorged, unfiltered, unfined, and without the addition of SO2. This wine is utterly delicious! Light dry red with a gentle fizz and heaps of red fruit and spicy undertones. Impossible to put down until the bottle is empty (and then you wish it was a magnum). Serve well chilled in big glasses for sparkling wine.