Kolonia 52 Furmint Pet Nat

Kolonia 52

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Vintage: 2021

Origin: Balaton, Hungary

Grapes: Furmint

Alcohol: 12.5%

Kolnia 52 is the brainchild of two of the most amazing talents we've seen in recent years. Both Annamaria Torok and Attila Francisti have a wealth of expertise, having worked with some of the pioneers of biodynamic farming, including Stephanie and Edi Tscheppe of Gut Oggau and Gernot and Heike Heinrich. The two have now established themselves in a small house and cellar in the hills of Szent Györgyhegy, a subregion of the Lake Balaton region in Western Hungary, where they cultivate their own Cuvée Grapes grapes of Furmint, Kekfrankos, as well as small parcels of Pinot Noir alongside other local varieties. Made with Furmint, one of Hungary’s most versatile grapes, this Pet Nat is one not to be missed. Fresh, with elegant bubbles, and crisp acidity, this Furmint Pet Nat was aged in old oak barrels before finishing off fermentation in bottle.