Koppitsch Ret


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Vintage: 2020

Origin: Burgenland, Austria

Grapes: 80% Zweigelt, 20% St. Laurent

Alcohol: 10%

Ret is part of Maria and Alexander Koppitsch's 'Fun Wine' collection. All of the Fun Wines are easy to drink and full of energy, focusing on the soils in which the grapes are cultivated. The grapes for Ret, which is Hungarian for 'field' or 'meadow', are planted on land that used to feed the village's livestock. Ret is a bright, fruity summer red made from an 80:20 blend of Zweigelt and St. Laurent. Brimming with blackberry, black cherry, and cranberry flavours, as well as low tannins and a light body, this is an ideal summer red wine.