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Milan Nestarec

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Vintage: 2019

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic 

Grapes: Neuberger, Malvasia

Alcohol: 12%

The best wines produced by Milan Nestarec are his white labels; they represent the height of his talent. They are all from his oldest vines, most intriguing micro-locations, and frequently field blends. With the gentlest handling and several years of undisturbed ageing in his cellar, this special energy is kept.

Finding the real Neuburger in his neighbourhood has been Milan's longstanding quest, the result is TRBLMKR. This grape has historically been a staple of Moravia but is now frequently disregarded, kind of like Cinderella. It's not for those searching for quick and simple outcomes because it has low yields, is fairly susceptible to rot, and doesn't like modern winemaking because its neutrality can very rapidly give way to other varieties. However, if you have patience, it can show its terroir marvellously and age gracefully. Give this wine the time and space it deserves; it will be worthwhile.TRBLMKR is composed primarily of Neuburger—95%—and Malvasia—5%. The grapes are all hand sorted, foot-stomped, and left on the skins for 12 hours.

The 2019 vintage was bottled in October 2022. In Bilovice, Milan had a wonderful year in 2019. With "normal" temperatures and rainfall, the weather was fairly consistent. Plenty of sunshine, no hail, and enough water during the ripening process. Milan didn't have to work the soil at all due to the balanced weather, and this, together with leaf care that was specifically adapted to each site's requirements, helped to maintain a stable pH. The grapes ripened in perfect harmony as a result of the apex remaining intact, allowing the vines to grow organically and unhindered by biochemical processes. Excellent acid structure and slower ripening were brought about by variations in day and nighttime temperatures. This allowed Milan and his team to take their time and be as accurate and focused as possible throughout harvest, with hand-sorting and substantially lengthier pressing periods. A wonderful, balanced, and mindful vintage overall, 2019 was a welcome change from the scorching and over-generous 2018 vintage.