Petr Korab Carbonic for All

Petr Korab

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Vintage: 2021

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic

Grapes: 60% Riesling, 40% Hibernal (a cross of Riesling and Seibel)

Alcohol: 12.5%

Petr Koráb is continuously coming up with new ideas to give his wines a variety of tastes and textures. Last year, he decided to create Carbonic For Everyone, a blend of Riesling and Hibernal (a local, Czech variety). While Hibernal and Riesling can typically show too much exotic fruit or a scented character, this wine undergoes carbonic maceration, a process typically used in red wines, which gives the wine a great texture and fresher flavours. Carbonic for All has a lovely, precise finish and fresh acidity.