Reka.Koncz Disorder 2022


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Vintage: 2022

Origin: Barabas, Hungary

Grapes: Furmint

Alcohol: 13%

The wines of Annamária Reka Koncz are always eagerly awaited and sought after. 100% Furmint from the Hintós and Dancka vineyards in Mád (in the Tokaj wine region). On the nose, you can find exotic floral notes, white peaches, and again, like with all of Annamaria's wines, a strong minerality showcasing the volcanic soils' influence on which the grapes grew. White orchard fruit, smooth grip, good phenolic maturity, and easy sipping are all characteristics you can find in this wine. \Along with Stefan, the owner of Terroiristen Vinbar in Copenhagen and a close friend of Annamaria's, they created Disorder.