Reka.Koncz Ora


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Vintage: 2021

Origin: Barabas, Hungary

Grapes: 70% Kiralyleanyka, 20% Rhein Riesling, 5% Furmint, 5% Harslevelu

Alcohol: 12.19%

The wines of Annamária Reka Koncz are always eagerly awaited and sought after. Ora is Annamaria Reka Koncz's orange wine, and although it spent a similar amount of time on the skins as her other wines in the 2021 vintage, its colour is much richer. Ora's tannins have a strong hold and coat the palate all while being gentle. A rich and enticing nose is filled with dried apricot, dried mango slices, flowers, and a mineral almost chalky-like aroma. Ora is a field blend of 70% Királyleányka, 20% Rhine Riesling, 5% Furmint, and 5% Hárslevelű. A  very lengthy finish with a moreish quality finishes off this delight of a wine!