Koppitsch Abendrot

Koppitsch Abendrot


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Vintage: 2021

Origin: Burgenland, Austria

Grapes: Welschriesling, Rosenmuskateller, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, St. Laurent, Blaufrankisch

Alcohol: 11%

Abendrot is a one-of-a-kind wine from Alex and Maria Koppitsch. A rose unlike many others, it is a mix of red and white grapes that were all grown in the Neuberg vineyards, some of the region's oldest vineyards. Abendrot, which translates as "afterglow" in English, has a stunning ginger colour that is reminiscent of the sunsets in Burgenland once it has been poured. Abendrot is a rose-coloured wine with orange wine-like characteristics with notes of raspberry and rhubarb, as well as grapefruit and lime. This is a vibrant, thrilling, and enjoyable wine that you don't want to miss! There were just 2000 bottles produced and only a few of those found their way to the UK.