La Calmette L'Espace Bleu Entre Les Nuages

Domaine du petit Oratoire

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Vintage: 2022

Origin: Cahors, France

Grapes: Malbec

Alcohol: 13.5%

Serious, juicy, and immediate. This is a single vineyard Malbec from one of their three highly sought-after parcels in the Cahors appellation, the lie-dit "Pieces Longues." It is now drinking beautifully after being aged for two years in old barrels and then for a few months in 1000L barrels before bottling. A tight mineral backbone is present, which is unusual in red wines, much less Malbec. Beautifully scented with notes of caramel and a faintly savoury edge, this aromatic is reminiscent of dark berry fruits. A medium-to-full-bodied wine that possesses the typical Malbec structure without going overboard with the overoaked or overextracted character that this region is known for. This to us is Malbec through a fresh new lens, and we are all for it!

Domaine La Calmette was started in 2015 by Maya & Nicolas, a talented couple who bring not only a thorough knowledge of viticulture but also a meticulously researched scientific backbone to their natural wines. Explosive, bursting with life and vibrancy.