Michi's Farm Orange

Michi's Farm

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Vintage: 2020

Origin: Weinviertel, Austria

Grapes: White Blend

Alcohol: 12%

Michael Gindl's project, Michi's Farm, involves extending his output to vineyards other than his own. While he does manage some of the vines on other people's properties, some of the fruit he takes is negotiant fruit (grown by someone else, but vinified by Michael). Michi's Farm wines will always be a big blend of bits and pieces that he picks up, and all the fruit is organic/biodynamic. Grüner Veltliner, which is cultivated in abundance in the Weinviertel region, and other local white varietals make up the majority of Michi's Farm Orange. Michi's Farm becomes a delight to drink after spending a few weeks on the skins, full of floral flavours, hints of apricot, and crisp acidity.