Milan Nestarec Transcendent

Milan Nestarec

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Vintage: 2020

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic

Grapes: Regent, Riesling, Neuberger

Alcohol: 12%

What happens when you blend fermenting orange wine with direct-press Regent juice? Transcendent, by Milan Nestarec! Riesling, Neuberger, and the German hybrid Regent are combined to create a rose unlike any other. The Neuberger offers richness, the Riesling gives zing, and the Regent, in Milan's words, adds a touch of savagery. Very crisp, full of red forest fruits, and citrus, with a hint of nutty complexity from some of the barrels that have developed a mild flor, make for a rose unlike any other. Each bottle in this extremely limited wine is spray painted by Milan, his wife, and his sister.