Spirals Roots

Spirals (Joiseph)

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Vintage: 2019

Origin: Burgenland, Austria

Grapes: Blaufrankisch

Alcohol: 11.5%

Spirals is a collaboration between Modal Wines and Joiseph that began with the launch of the Joiseph winery in late 2016. The grapes in Roots are 100 percent Blaufrankisch and would normally be destined for either Joiseph's Piroska or Rostant cuvees. Roots is a blend of two barrels: part fruity whole bunch semi-carbonic grapes and part destemmed Blaufrankisch with savoury aromas and spice. The result is a wine that is fruity, zesty, and lean, while remaining savoury and complex. Roots is bottled unfiltered and unfined, with only a small amount of sulphur added.