Strohmeier Lys-Rod No. 33

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Vintage: Non-Vintage

Origin: Styria, Austria

Grapes: Blauer Wildbacher

Alcohol: 12%

In a nod to the unique bond Franz has with its Danish importer and customers, Lys-rød means "light red" in Danish. The wine was formerly known as Schilcher, a recognised name for a regionally typical Blauer Wildbacher rosé. However, the Strohmeiers decided to change the wine's name because it was a little different and less traditional than what the locals would have expected. "We heard so much of 'your wine doesn't taste like Schilcher' that we decided okay, let's not call it Schilcher then," Christine Strohmeier chuckles. Problem solved. This is a rosé as fruity as it gets! Red berries, tangy spice, beautiful acidity. It's an experience just as refreshing as walking with Franz through his beautiful vineyards on a crisp winter morning.